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Land Contract Homes


Land contract homes are available now nationwide with easy credit approval. We have a large selection of land contract homes available in all sizes and price ranges. Our land contract homes are available in most cities and states. Prices on our land contract homes start at just $450 per month. All credit is accepted if you have a steady source of income or employment.

A land contract home is a great option for owning a home if you have prior credit problems. You get the benefits of owning a home without the credit approval headaches. How does it work? The owner of a land contract home finances you directly without the need for a conventional home loan. Using a land contract is an ideal solution if you have damaged credit or a smaller down payment. Our land contract homes are available in all areas and we have 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 4+ bedroom homes available starting at just $450 per month. Act now and get access to our land contract homes by completing our housing inquiry form below. Our housing specialists will contact you to discuss available homes and prices once we receive your request.



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